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Fatima Metals Inc is a recognized provider of scrap metal globally. Our headquarters are located in Toronto, Canada where our highly trained and knowledgeable staff works around the clock to fulfill your needs. Fatima Metals procures its material from across the globe and supplies it to the country of your choice.

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Fatima Metals provides you with a wide range of scrap metal products. The company trades in both ferrous and non ferrous metals.

Fatima Metals cares about your success, we realize low quality, late shipments and inefficiencies affect your productivity.

Fatima Metals ensures that each employee involved in procuring scrap metal, is experienced and well trained. This enables us to provide our buyers with high quality material.

We realize that late shipments, affect your productivity and therefore we make it our primary concern to ensure shipments take place in a timely manner.

Fatima Metals prides itself on service excellence. We ensure that each of our employees is willing to help serve you better and accommodate your needs first.

At Fatima Metals, our mission is to procure high quality scrap metal from various parts of the world and deliver this material to our buyers in an efficient and timely manner. We place a strong emphasis on quality and service excellence.

Fatima Metals’ Success is primarily dependant on the success and efficiency of our suppliers. Each of our employees has been trained to treat our suppliers with utmost care and respect. Our supplier’s success is our first priority, without them we cannot be who we are.

Fatima Metals employees have been trained to work harder to enhance the reputation of the company. We strive to provide our customers with high quality products that exceed their expectation.